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The decay of Rohens world

After the convocation, the world was shattered and splitted into islands, small remains of land prevented from total destruction by the stones of gods. Rohen, once a powerful mage of the circle, dedicated his life to linking the remains together with portals. He used the power of the archfire, a dangerous arcane force discovered by the circle in the ruins of the Shapers. The force which had driven both the circle and the world to the edge of destruction should have helped him to create a new world. Through the portals, food and water was delivered into the devastated and barren realms, new empires were forged and a rejuvenated Eo began to rise. Rohen even sacrificed his life for that cause.

But he forgot that the powers used were a remain of the circle and bound to it. With Hokan Ashir gone, the magic cast by the circle decayed, and the power of the portals began to crumble. While the beginning of these events was nearly undetected, the aftermath is chaos and devastation, as the inhabitants of the islands try to get into the most fertile realms. Homeless groups are straying around in search of protection, while once glorious empires are teared into chaos. And nowhere emerges a blink of hope to fill the crumbling portals with new power...

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