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AnTihOeNiX vs Aryn (AnTiPhOeNiX)
(Version: 1.02)
Download: 20060905_161819_p321_pvp_ironheart_foothills.pmv (21252)

A very nice fight!

FirePhönix vs 3 Players (FirePhönix)
(Version: 1.02)
Download: 20060921_145541_p331_pvp_windtalker_gash.pmv (15303)

A hard fight vs three other players.

Clan vs clan on sundancer plain (petreoft)
(Version: 1.02)
Download: 20060927_171421_p324_pvp_sundancer_plain.pmv (14189)

A short battle on sundancer plain on normal.

Ironheart foothills (Petreoft)
(Version: 1.02)
Download: 20060927_163248_p321_pvp_ironheart_foothills.pmv (13940)

An easy battle in Ironheart Foothills, clan vs clan on normal, approx. 15 min

avatar one on one (bugs) (NeoX)
(Version: 2.00(Dragon Storm))
Download: 20070710_113026_arena_1vs1.pmv (12647)

its a fight again the CPU with a lot of bugs

Hero Solo (Zealix)
(Version: 1.02)
Download: 20071203_181141_p321_pvp_ironheart_foothills.pmv (11936)

Defeating computer AI in 16 minutes. My avatar has over 17 000 HP without cheat items.

One vs. Two (Zealix)
(Version: 1.02)
Download: 20071018_201314_p322_pvp_howler_pass.pmv (11875)

My brother´s avatar in epic battle vs. Pact. If dont have nothing to do in the evening, watch this almost 2 hours long replay with band ending:-).

Newcomer fight (Morgana17)
(Version: 1.02)
Download: 20071227_233627_p321_pvp_ironheart_foothills.pmv (11856)

just watch^^

Training fight for a lan party (Chrisi1)
(Version: 2.00)
Download: 20080227_135553_p328_pvp_the_sunken_city.pmv (11606)

This is a little fight between two groups of realm and clan.I am realm and the computerfriend clan.We are at the south;-) Have fun!

me vs three (Zwiebli)
(Version: 2.01)
Download: 20080604_180517_p331_pvp_windtalker_gash.pmv (10201)

A game where i played with shaikan vs clan,clan,pakt...I think i wouldn`t have won if i haven`t had the shaikan i hope the shaikan will be more balanced in the second addon ....have fun ;) ps. gets boring in the end, searching for the last buildings

the best avatar (dany03)
(Version: 2.01)
Download: 20091119_214008_p328_pvp_the_sunken_city.pmv (9954)

1 VS2

Lady\'s Bow Bow Victory ;D (Shaikanas159)
(Version: 2.01)
Download: 20110221_223019_p321_pvp_ironheart_foothills.pmv (9630)

Spellforce 2 Dragon Storm Skirmish: The Pact vs. Clans

Lady\'s Bow Bow Victory ;D (2) (Shaikanas159)
(Version: 2.01)
Download: 20110222_151432_pvp2vs2eis.pmv (9252)

Spellforce 2 Dragon Storm Skirmish: Shaikans vs. Realms

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