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The Titans

The Lightbringer
Once in every generation Tiara, the sun goddess, chooses a paladin who fought under her banner and got killed in self-abandonment. Him she raises to the heavens, bathed in holy light, so he can rest at her table and enjoy the glittering dance of the golden goddess.

But if the distress of the believers in Tiara ever became unbearable and their calls should reach high up to the heavens, those heroes would rise from her table and descend down on Eo to fight back the waves of darkness with Tiara’s light. Like towers they will rise high above the battlefield, their blades will sweep the servants of darkness aside and their holy flashes will cut trenches through the lines of the enemies. That is how they proclaim the wrath of their goddess: with iron and light.

The Ragefire

The Ragefire is half demon, half elemental being, formed out of the fire of the bloodgod Zarach and the inexhaustible wildness of the orcs. He is the symbol of battle wrath and as long as there is war in Eo his flames will always find enough hatred for nourishment.

The blades of the Ragefire are also called „the fangs of Zarach“. The soul of the one that got killed by them will belong to the Blooddrinker for ever. They walk through the hordes of their enemies like Grim Reapers, on a soul harvest for their god and for the glory of their Clans. Those who are not killed by their blades are overtaken by the firy death they constantly cast on their enemies around them.

The Netherbeast

On their journey through the abysses of the eternal night between the worlds, the Shadows have come across atrocities even the worst nightmares of Eo’s inhabitants could not create.
Under the lightless face of a devastated world, the Netherbeasts lie waiting, hungry and restless.
Nothing in their world is alive any more; in their greed they devoured everything there was.

Thus they happily follow the conjurations of strangers calling them to feast and fill their bowels in a bright world full of life.
The Pact makes use of their hunger and lets them harvest abundantly in the armies of the Light. The huge claws of the Netherbeasts most of the time kill several Light worshippers in one go, while their poisonous breath sends their opponents down on the ground twitching with pain and agony.

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