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The Shaikan

They are the descendants of the alchemist Malacay, who once saved the life of the dragon Ur, receiving its eternal subservience in return.

In order to seal this pact, the dragon agreed to enter into a blood pact with a person – something that had never happened before. This was nevertheless the only good deed that Malacay ever did. He became increasingly insane and met a dreadful end.

His descendants have nevertheless preserved the tradition and continue to live under the protection of the ancient dragon. Each of them enters into a blood pact with him. These dragon warriors are great fighters and commanders. Their ancestry means that they are revered by both the Light People and the Dark with an equal degree of fear and distrust. They therefore live between the fronts, belonging neither to the light nor the darkness.

The Dark Elves call them “Shaikan”, which means both “godless” and “free”. This dichotomy captures and describes the life of these dragon warriors so accurately that they adopted this description as their own name over time.

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