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By Justyna Zgud

SpellForce2  Fairytales

Rushwater Downs*

Oh, do, I do believe the tales
of the race to Rushwater downs!
The truths aged widows told us all
of the race to Rushwater downs!

"Make ye a boat of petals and leaves,
to race to Rushwater downs.
A tiny ship to bear your cares
as it sails down Rushwater downs."

"A hull of Lenya leaf, a rudder of rose,
to sail to Rushwater downs.
Blossom of hope, blades of life,
will carry to Rushwater downs."

"As soon as it sails, you must then run
and race to Rushwater downs!
Your feet must be swifter than current and wind
that carry to Rushwater downs."

"And if you are quick, you'll see your cares
go tumbling down Rushwater downs.
No more will they wear upon your back,
for they've gone down Rushwater downs."

And so I did what old tongues sang
to race to Rushwater downs,
and the small little hull which bore heavy cares
went floating towards Rushwater downs.

My feet ran swift to get to the bridge
that spans the Rushwater downs.
I was sure to see my cares be lost
as they tumbled down Rushwater downs.

But clumsy young feet and slippery stone
combined at Rushwater downs,
and so my boat, my cares, my life--
all splashed in Rushwater downs!

Why, oh, why, did I believe
the race to Rushwater downs?
For now my boat, my cares, my life
are drowned in Rushwater downs!

*Translated from old tongues, and so something is "lost" to the translation. Especially the "acrostic" format, and pentamic septa-meter of the original languages. Originally a child's poem of a pre-convocation period, perhaps used not primarily for a "moral lesson" of not believing everything you hear, but more likely it's teaching of linguistic pronunciation.

Submitted by Ryan Landwehr

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