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Making of "SpellForce" No.1back to top

(c)2003 JoWooD Productions. All rights reserved.

Animations Video :

Video - 8,4 MB

The image on the right is a sketch of a skeleton warrior. On the left you can see him as 3D model in all his beauty.

The first, very gracious sketches of the Elves from our art designers “Die Formgeber” (German for “Shapegivers”). The final in-game Elves have in the meantime transformed into much more powerful, fierce and deadly beings.

A colourful design of a Zombie. The final model of the undead creature resembles the drawing all the way up to the decaying tip of his nose (including his evil stench…)

Making of "SpellForce" No.2back to top

Walk-Animations Video #2 :

Video - 9,1 MB

Making Of Pics...

Another draft by „Formgeber”,
this time a band of Undead. From left to right: Spectre, Skeleton, Wraith and – for the first time on this site – the Bonecrusher, about whom we will release further information in the upcoming weeks…

Making of "Balrog"back to top

This sketch shows you a Firedemon, similar to a Balrog.
It consists of the complete model,
as well as a detailed study of the head and face.
Responsible for this fine peace of art is our free illustrator Andreas Adamek.

Orc-Animations-Videoback to top

Video - 8.6 MB

Making of "Minoutaur"back to top

On the right side of this sketch you see a colored design study of a Minotaur. The left half shows you the finally modeled and textured monster – Exactly as you will experience it later in the game.

Making of "Orc-Fighter"back to top

In this montage you can see an Orc-Fighter as mesh on the left side (the polygonal basic model of our figure), and the finally textured model on the right. This making-of picture was brought to you by Virgin Lands, our external graphics team.

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