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Aonir’s light with you, traveller. On this page you will find the latest information on the SpellForce Add-On “Breath of Winter”. We will fill this page with information step by step, so it pays to visit regularly. Of course we will always announce any news on the main page, too.

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German press loves "Breath of Winter"

"Breath of Winter", the expansion pack for the great strategy hit "SpellForce", is about to become one of the most successful Add-Ons ever!
Great sales are even topped by excited press reviews, the major magazines are praising BoW:

Gamestar rates BoW 86%:
"…as an old Spellforce Fan I enjoy great moments all the time: a fantastic story, regular changes of missiongoals, spectacular fights, dramatic figthts against bosses…."

PC Games, rating BoW 89%:
"As well as "The Order of Dawn", " The Breath of Winter" is a star because of the long-lasting gaming experience…"

PC Action, rating BoW 90%:
"Phenomic's work was again fantastic and should really be an example for other developers…"

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