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 The Undead
Ancient Creatures and Beastmen
The Demons

The Undeadback to top

Life and death – the eternal circle of life. The natural order of the world. The way it has been, and the way it always will be. Or at least the way it should be, for magic, combined with the malice and thirst for power of certain races, has created abominations of nature, creatures of horrible appearance, and the most unnatural of these are those that go by the name of the Undead.

Ancient Creatures and Beastmenback to top

Magic and growth are closely entwined in Ura. The magic of the world permeates and changes all life that is created. Throughout their evolution, all living beings have undergone many changes, but from times before the higher races first saw the light of day, some creatures have survived almost unchanged - creatures as wondrous as they are dangerous. Some of these creatures even resemble the human form, a fact that has puzzled writers and scholars for generations.


The Demonsback to top

From the depths of the earth the Red Horde streams constantly to the surface. They hunger for the flesh and souls of those born into the world and thirst for the thrill of killing. Long ago, they came from the burning gorges of the Barga Gor and their number was legion. The armies of the world fought valiantly to drive back these creatures, but in the end, the power of the Gods was necessary to collapse the Barga Gor and banish the demons into the caverns below the surface. Yet still, they strive to come ever closer to the light, and will readily appear for those who would summon them from the depths. They fight with passion, and only one powerful in the arts of magic can hope to control their bloodrage.


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