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SpellForce features a new and revolutionary combat control system called “Click’n’Fight”, or CnF for short.

RTS games tend to suffer from the same problem: First you choose a unit under your command and assign it an action (eg. a spell). Then you need to find an enemy in the midst of the skirmish and try to click it to trigger the selected action (eg. “attack”). If you miss the target, you waste valuable time – or worse: An action performed on the wrong target often means losing precious resources or even the inadvertant destruction of a friendly unit!

SpellForce facilitates the whole process; a simple click on an enemy and the player is shown all possible actions, displayed under the portaits of their available units. A second click is all it takes to complete the attack – quick, simple and precise.

„The combat system is well thought out and is easy to use even in a major skirmish” Mick Schnelle - GameStar

„An attack with dozens of units can be co-ordinated easily, saving time and mouse clicks.” Petra Maueröder – PC Games

Our band of heroes approaches an enemy. A single click on the target…

...opens a list of possible actions and spells under the character portraits. The size of the symbols reflects the distance of the respective character to the chosen target.

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