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The Elvesback to top

The elves, the oldest and noblest of all races, come from the forests of southern Fiara. The magnificent trees of the Finon Mir provided protection against the powerful dragons, allowing these children of nature to prosper and live in relative peace under the roof of leaves. Elves grow tall, yet are of delicate stature, and their lifespan is much longer than that of other races. What they may lack in physical strength is more than compensated by their bravery and wisdom.

The Orcsback to top

When Ulm the Caretaker broke the rules of his father Aonir and became Zarach the Bloodthirsty, his first goal was to create his own race, a people who would follow him blindly and worship him only. Driven by this desire, he began to shape new forms of life, moulding them with his will, and produced all manner of heinous creatures. Incomplete and deformed were these beings, horribly disfigured and unfit to survive for long, let alone breed...

The Humansback to top

There may well have never been a human empire, nor the legends of the Dragon Slayers, if many millennia ago, a few dwarves had not set out from their home in Grimwarg to seek adventure in the distant peaks of the Windwall mountains. They had hoped to find good stone, valuable metals and a new home, but found only barren rock and a few tribes of wild barbarians living in inhospitable caves in the frozen heights. And though these creatures appeared to the dwarves as weak and primitive - their lifespan was barely longer than that of most animals - they immediately recognised the willpower and lifeforce that had been instilled in these creatures. Impressed by the barbarians, the dwarves stayed and began to teach them of the world, the Gods and the art of forging.

The Dark Elvesback to top

Nor, the Silverweaver, god of night and lord of the silver disc of the moon, was the first guardian to descend to the earth and tell the races of the guardian gods and their duties. But with time, the races forgot his teachings and turned away from the cool master of darkness, seeking instead solitude with the gods of light and the sun. Disappointed and spurned, Nor was quick to side with the renegade Zarach when the gods began to disunite. As a token of gratitude, Zarach created a race for his dark brother, a race that for all times would be devoted to Nor, master of the night. From the pure essence of the elves he formed the most beautiful, perfect and deadly of the dark races, the Norcaine – also known as Dark Elves.

The Dwarvesback to top

The best weapons and armour in Fiara come from the dark slopes of the Grimwarg Peaks and the snow-covered summits of the Windwall Mountains, items that are highly valued and traded among the races of the light. These amazing wares are forged by the smiths of the dwarves, a race small in height, but of amazing strength and unshakeable courage. Like the elves, the dwarves are an ancient race that survived the reign of the dragons hidden deep in the labyrinth of caverns under the Windwall Mountains. While the giant lizards ruled the air, the dwarves drove the mines and shafts of their stony home deeper and deeper in the rock. There, they found discovered their destiny to work with rock and ore, bonding with the spirits of the earth and the god whose realm is the rock foundation of the world. They became the servants of Bjarne, the Soulsmith and Warrior God, who deep under the surface forges the souls of all living creatures until they become strong and solid. And so it came that the dwarves also became a strong race, a race of builders and blacksmiths, but also of warriors and heroes.


The Trollsback to top

After having created the wild orcs, Zarach was dissatisfied with his creation and angered by his failure. He had hoped to create kings of the battlefield, but had only succeeded in fabricating simple warriors. And so he began anew, distorting the bodies of captured creatures to monstrous size and burning out any part of them that was not useful for battle and killing.

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