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SpellForce 2 Subforum2005-05-09

For first talks, rumors and informations about SpellForce 2 we made the brand new SpellForce2 sub-board. Here you can find out all important news to the upcoming RTS-Hit at first hand.

[ SpellForce 2 Subforum ]
[ Concept Arts ]

vossi - JoWooD Community Manager

Meet the SpellForce Community and discuss this news in the official Forum or in Chat!

Fan Art Contest: Price2005-05-03

The price for the winner of the SpellForce Fan Art Contest finally arrived.
At last we made it through the hordes of groupies camping at the Phenomic basement and caught the developers to sign the SpellForce Platinum package.

Congratulations to Daniel Fielding, we wish you a lot of fun with SpellForum Platinum.

vossi - JoWooD Community Manager

Fan Art Contest: And the winner is...2005-03-15

After a week of voting, we`ve got a winner in the first official SpellForce Fan Art Contest. Although the English community prefered the "SpellForce Trilogy", it`s the anime-styled picture which got the most votes in our overall rating. We congratulate the winner, he has already been contacted. Here`s the winning picture:

Daniel Fieldings winning picture

Regarding the feedback of artists who have missed the contest, we`ve decided to prepare a second one soon!

SpellForce Fan Art Contest2005-03-08

Finally it`s done: JoWooD presents the entrees to the official SpellForce Fan Art Contest in a gallery. Now it`s your turn to choose among the three favorites our jury has selected. Place your vote in the forum!

SpellForce 2 in Concert!2005-02-24

SpellForce - a gaming experience known for innovative game play, great graphics and a fantastic story - but also for music worth to be listened. This proves our soundtrack sektion, but also the opening concert of the Games Convention 2005. Among other famous or legendary titles, SpellForce 2 is one of the themes to be played. The concert will take place in the "Gewandhaus" in Leipzig and is scheduled for the 17th of august 2005. That`s quite a while to wait, but the tickets will be sold soon, you`ll find more information at


And here`s a last message for all of those waiting for the pictures of the fan art contest: Our graphics artist became ill, but we`ll try to satisfy your desire for fan art next week!

SpellForce 2 - Wanted: Your suggestions!2005-02-16

SpellForce - the first real RPS, a genuine blend of RPG amd RTS. The successful fantasy game attracted many players with great game play, excellent graphics and an intense storyline. The AddOns "Breath of Winter" and "Shadow of the Phoenix" completed the trilogy.

Now it`s time to set the first steps into the future of SpellForce: What are your suggestions and ideas for a successor? Which features would you add or remove to make SpellForce 2 the best game ever?

We`ve got a new section in our official board for your ideas!

New patch 1.52 available!2005-01-18

SpellForce, one of the greatest RTS / RPG experiences of the last years, is getting even better - with the latest patch 1.52, fixing problems and providing the best gameplay possible. Get it in our

Download area

New Editor available!2005-01-18

After the release of the Patch v1.52, we are proud to present the updated version of our editor, bringing the tool to v1.52, too. Create your own SpellForce maps! YOu`ll find more information and the really hot tool here:

Editor download

Forum Update completed!2005-01-14

We are glad to announce that the board update is completed. The board is now running at vBulletin Version 3.0.5! Enjoy the new features!

Deadline Fan Art Contest & 2 new maps2005-01-04

The first pictures and drawings entering our Fan Art Contests have arrived - and are already impressing the jury with a more than solid quality. Keep up the good work, you`ve got still enough time left. Your deadline is the 23rd of January!

And we`ve got something special for all of you who maybe need a little more inspiration - two new and exciting PvP maps:

[Map Riverside]

[Map Smallway]

Copy them into SpellForceDirectory\map\LAN and prepare for thrilling fights!


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