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AddOn2: Enemies

Aonir’s light with you, traveller. On this page you will find the latest information on the second SpellForce Add-On “Shadow of the Phoenix”. We will fill this page with facts and goodies step by step, so it pays to visit regularly. Of course we will always announce any news on the main page, too.

Mummyback to top

The first God King of Xu learnt the art of embalming from the stone tablets of the former and introduced it to his empire as a fixed custom. This custom was not abandoned until the fall of the empire and decline of the imperial power.
Today thousands of these mummies are slumbering under the sand, waiting to serve a long-dead God King as an undead slave. Many a necromancer has tried to benefit from this sleeping army, but a only a Grand Master of necromancy would be capable of this. These horrors will then rise from the sand of the deserts and no army will be able to resist their numbers.

Flayed Oneback to top

Flaying is a gruesome form of execution used by the Sha and the Hazim as the highest form of punishment. This is a death you would not even wish on your worst enemy. A being which has died under the tortures of flaying represents a special attraction for necromancers. For the old teachings of Belial say that the more suffering experienced by a being while alive, the angrier and more powerful it will be as an undead. It is said that Belial himself carried out the flaying of his victims and those who follow Belial’s ways will make use of these skills sooner of later.

Bone Fiendback to top

They wandered across the face of Eos many thousands of years ago and they were the mightiest hunters of their time. That is a long time ago, but which necromancer wouldn’t be keen on including these horrors from ancient times in his armies. The stony bones of these ancient beasts are thus dug out of the earth from deep under the black jungle and filled with unholy life by their new master.

Thunderbladeback to top

Not much is known about these iron monsters. They must have been one of the last creations of Hokan Ashir, as they are only cited in rough reports from the last days of the war of convocation. It was only noted there that an army of metallic scorpions came at the end of time when the skies already rained ashes and the earth spat its blood. It is said that they shattered the walls of Mulandir with their lightening and destroyed the armies of Uram the Red in this inferno.

Sha Lizardmanback to top

They are the descendants of the great lizards of the old world. They prey to the old and evil spirits that the world has long forgotten in their overgrown temples. The Sha often came from the haze of the jungle over the dark weir mountains to refresh themselves with the blood and riches of the Xus nation. But none of their campaigns lasted long, none of their commanders was able to defeat the armies of the empire. Now however they have found a new leader whose evil genius they happily follow northwards towards the walls of the empire.

Hazim Desert Warriorback to top

The Hazim are a proud people that have lived a long time before the dark period in Xu. They inhabit the large deserts and wastelands which make up a large part of Northern Xu. They and the Kathai are the oldest peoples of Xu and their dynasty goes back to the former and does not originate from the Northern barbarians of Fiara. Despite the fact that the Hazim are proud of their origins, they are seldom united. They spend most of their time as wandering nomads in clans and do not just rob the caravans of the rich but quite often also their own brothers.

Derwishback to top

These dancing priestesses of the sun serve the spirits of the desert and protect the secrets of the glowing land with their extraordinary fighting skills. The Dervish are quick, wild and untamable. Only the Hazim, as true children of the desert, have learned to live in peace with them. But the Dervish do not just only fight with their swirling blades, they often lure oft intruders with their charms into the wilderness where they are consumed by the blistering desert.

Scythe Terror / Grass Devilback to top

These giant insects are descendants of the same species which had spread from the jungle to the North into the desert regions. Whilst the grass devils still inhabit the swamps and jungles, the scythe terrors have adapted themselves to life in the desert. They love to hunt their prey, screaming loudly, until exhaustion sets in and then ripping it into pieces with their large armored blades. Whilst the scythe terrors hunt for meat because they are hungry, the grass devils do it for the sheer pleasure of killing.

Giant Apesback to top

The giant apes of the black jungle of original inhabitants of this dark place and are both puzzling and dangerous. They are intelligent and seem to use a strange language which no-one has yet been able to decode. They are their own masters and no-one has really yet understood their real motives. Some believe that that the apes have their own empire in the depths of the black jungle which stretches down to the South of Xu to places where no nation has yet traveled. They seem to defend this empire with all their might. Only the future will tell if they are allied with the powers of darkness or not.

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