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AddOn2: Units

Aonir’s light with you, traveller. On this page you will find the latest information on the second SpellForce Add-On “Shadow of the Phoenix”. We will fill this page with facts and goodies step by step, so it pays to visit regularly. Of course we will always announce any news on the main page, too.

Bloodhoundsback to top

These dogs hunted the scouts of the Orks along Nortanders borders, they picked up the scent of assassins of the Norcaines in the East of the Hohenmark and they often were the last line of defense, with their teeth barred, between their wounded master and an overpowering enemy. One their own there is little a bloodhound can do, but in a pack they can be the downfall of any armored warrior. And even when the world drowns in darkness and all hope disappears, these creatures will never leave their masters side.

Pixiesback to top

These small woodland spirits are more inclined to tricks and dancing than battle. But to compensate for their life of ease and the pixie dust with which they can perform small wonders, they have promised the Goddess Elen to fight on the side of their elf sisters if their lives should be threatened. Since the days of the circle the little pixie warriors have hardly had time to rest as their promise continually calls them into battle. And anyone who mocks them because of their size and daintiness will suffer a nasty surprise, just as is to be expected from pixies.

Stone Ramsback to top

The masons of the strong nation create these rams as statues from stone to honor Niethalf and the world forger breathes life into this lifeless stone. They are the guards of the old dwarf treasure in the deep abandoned mines and the protectors of Niethalfs holy places under the mountain. When the horns of war are blown they fight on the side of the dwarves as long as their belief in their master Niethalf is strong enough.

Star Magicianback to top

It is not just the magic of healing and strengthening that is taught at the large star monastery Aonirs, there are also secret schools of the magic of starlight which can only be mastered by the high priests of Aonirs. They collect the light of their far-off god through the stars at night and combine it to form destructive lightning used against their enemies fortresses. The star magicians are proof that light can also bring destruction once its anger has been awakened.

Stormbringerback to top

In times of peace these priestesses work to balance the powers of nature and calm the angry elements if they were to threaten an elves settlement. But when a mortal power draws up against their sisters, the priestesses leave their wind temple and become stormbringers who hurl the combined anger of nature against the fortresses of their enemies.

Siege Warriorback to top

These warriors sit together and drink in the Hall of the Brave until the dwarves horns summon them into battle. The awestruck ranks of warriors step aside when the siege warriors march towards the opponents fortifications through the hail of projectiles under the protection of their massive shields. They break down the foundations of the enemies towers with powerful blows of their hammers and collapse entire bulwarks. Not many of them return home but they command the highest respect of the sons of Niethalf.

Harbinger of Chaosback to top

In addition to powers of Black Magic, the dark elves also research into other, more destructive powers. The magic of chaos is one of these, a virtually uncontrollable power that crushes everything it comes into contact with. The harbingers of chaos of the dark elves are trained in the schools of destruction to become proficient magicians who have learnt to channel and wield the powers of chaos. Chaos is difficult to control which is why the harbingers of chaos can only use their magic against solid buildings.

Infernoback to top

The most loyal servants of Zarach are trained to become infernos in the temple of fire. They summon up giant balls of demonic fire with which they burn down the villages and settlements of their enemies. They have dedicated themselves completely to fire and they experience their greatest pleasure when the sky turns red in the reflection of a burning light worshippers ceremony, in honor of Zarach.

Walking Fortressback to top

The armored trolls from the mountains of Urgaths could be the kings of the battlefield if they weren’t so dumb and slow. In order to benefit from their size and strength despite this wooden towers are chained onto their backs in the trolls siege workshops, from which massive boulders are launched onto the enemies buildings. The dumb armored trolls thus also have their role in the trolls ranks as the enemies buildings cannot even get away from them.

Darkwingsback to top

These evil creatures are attracted to black magic like a moth to a candle. Their favorite dwellings are the towers of great witches which are seeped in the dark powers of their creators. It is thus only natural that these creatures soon gather in swarms in every settlement of the dark elves. The Norcaine have learned to benefit from the low but all the more evil intelligence of these vampires. Many dark elves believe that these creatures are the blessed ones of the God of Night Nor, sent out to serve the Norcaine.

War Boarsback to top

The Orks get these animals used to the taste of blood at an early age. The breeders repeatedly ram spears and hot irons into the flesh of the captured animals until they become crazed beasts as a result of their rage and pain. They tear each other apart in mutual battle whilst hordes of Orks cheer them on. Only the strongest survive this gruesome spectacle and are then rewarded the honor of fighting to the death on the battlefield.

Ironbeaksback to top

Wherever trolls roam, death and its companions the carrion ironbeaks follow. These birds are everywhere where rancid meat can be found and are therefore a continuous danger for the trolls food supplies. This is no consolation for the trolls but the grim ironbeaks are the only creatures who really enjoy being in their company. Nowadays the trolls tame the ironbeaks and send them out to scout or train them to ram their beaks into living light worshippers flesh.

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