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AddOn2: Heroes

Aonir’s light with you, traveller. On this page you will find the latest information on the second SpellForce Add-On “Shadow of the Phoenix”. We will fill this page with facts and goodies step by step, so it pays to visit regularly. Of course we will always announce any news on the main page, too.

Glamrig the Dwarfback to top

Glamrig is a rock former of the Windholme dwarves, an old warrior who fought in the war of six nations and the old human wars. His hand to hand acumen is only exceeded by his skills with the axe, which he has swung on so many battlefields. Even Isegrimm, the mightiest rock former, member of the circle and the builder of Mulandir is envious of his abilities. As the more morbid motives of the circle became known, Glamrig turned against Isegrimm and trapped the betrayer of knowledge of the dwarves at his tower near Windholme. The dwarves fought each other for two days until Isegrimm slew Glamrig. In revenge he forged his soul to a Rune, so that his erstwhile enemy should now serve as his protection as well as to mock him.

Ump the Trollback to top

It is by no means true that only humans were chosen to be the slaves of the Runes, they just made up the largest number. Ump is one of the first trolls who was forged to the Runes. His spirit scarcely tries to understand the Runes activity, but he understands that he will continue to rise in order to crush any one of his enemies. He will patiently follow his victim and keep returning until the last one is slain and this is why he seldom sees the need to hurry. In a murderous frenzy he is overcome with the will to destroy like all trolls, but his long life has made him calmer and more cooperative than most of his kind.

Xyallah - Medusa guardback to top

The Medusas originate from the lost islands in the timeless sea East of Xu. They called to the mortals from their stone temples with magic allurements and attracted many an envious seaman to their shores. Today these envious ones decorate the halls as silent statues of flesh turned to stone.
The magician Shar learned to restrain the power of the Medusas and to force them to carry out his will during a period of long and dangerous research. This knowledge made him the most powerful magician of the island and earned him a seat in the circle. From then on the Medusas guarded the towns and towers of the circle magicians with their power over stone.
As the convocation war raged and the armies of the Runes pressed on over the battlefields, Shar tried his last and most dangerous spell. He bound the essence of his guard Xyallah to a Rune stone and thus turned her into an immortal servant. But the other Medusas were so upset at this outrage that they renounced their oath and left the magician behind without protection. He thus fell victim to his enemy Undergast.

Lich King Anktahrback to top

The Lich are undead rulers, captains amongst the gray hordes, dead spirits of great magicians and kings. Anktahr was one of the seven rulers of the Zerbites, from which Hokan Ashir stole the secret of the bone temple at that time. The great Nekromant himself defeated Anktahr and forged his trapped spirit to a Rune.
He was able to retain the mastery of mental magic which Anktahr attained during his lifetime at least in part its unholy existence. Hokan had summoned him again as one of the best Rune servants in order to destroy the human Rune warriors once and for all.

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