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  AddOn: Breath of Winter

Aonir’s light with you, traveller. On this page you will find the latest information on the SpellForce Add-On “Breath of Winter”. We will fill this page with information step by step, so it pays to visit regularly. Of course we will always announce any news on the main page, too.

Details on the Free Game Mode and Co-op Mode for
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This week we present to you some brand new screenshots from the Add-On as well as a detailed description of the Free Mode and Co-OP Mode, one of the major additions contained in the Add-On.

The “Free Game Mode” offers you the chance to play with your own Avatar against the Computer on a succession of single Maps, with some of them leaning more towards RPG and some being more RTS oriented. Every time the map is started, the position of enemy camps and the type of loot you can find may differ.

Similar to the campaign, the maps for the free game can be played in succession, starting with a lower level and fewer runes and working your way up. You can of course jump a few maps, but this may make the game harder for you and you may pass on useful runes, spells or items. Any map can be replayed, as especially the high level maps offer a range of attractive items, among them the rare set item parts.

On most RTS maps you can choose the starting location for your avatr and thus appear close to the monument of your favourite race.

In Co-op mode, up to three players can jointly conquer a map, facing more and stronger enemies and sharing their experience points equally. All items that are found on the map will appear in each player’s inventory, so there is no need to squabble over loot. Of course you can sell and buy items at the vendors; there will even be a merchant map – a true shopper’s paradise.

It is always possible to save as it would be in a normal game – however you will only save your character and his equipment, not the progress on your map. Characters created in Free Mode however cannot be exchanged with those from the Single Player campaign, to prevent cheating.

For those looking forward to this expansion, here are a few screenshots to help pass the time.

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