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For long centuries the bond has been forgotten, that once bound the red horde of the demons with the people of the orcs. But the remains of this alliance can still be seen to this day. They appear in the connection between the orcs and fire, the control of the powers of elemental fire magic and the ability to summon the Ragefire.

The story of the Ragefire has its roots on the burning fields before Skye, as the armies of the orcs, defeated and surrounded by humans, came close to utter extinction. No horns blared to tell of their rescue and it seemed their doom was final. It was then that the shouted all their anger and hatred at the lines of the enemy and with it calling the devourer to their side, to devastate the mighty armies of the humans with their burning hatred and drink their enemy’s blood. And thus it happened, as the anger and ferocity of the orcs in the face of death formed a terrible creature of darkness and fire, which struck fear into the hearts of the humans.

Enlivened by the anger of the horde and begotten from the fires of demons, this flame covered devil rose mightily among the lines of the enemy’s armies and let his burning axes sing until there was no soul left alive on the battlefield. As long as the anger of the horde is alive and the flames of their hatred burn high, these Ragefires will once lay waste to any army opposing them.

Combat abilities
Heat and wickedness radiate from this creature and grip the heart and hand of anyone daring to oppose them with paralyzing fear. The two monstrous axes the Ragefire carries take their horrible tribute among the enemy and even though he cuts into the enemy’s army with terrible fierceness, he is striding slowly, for death has no need for haste.

Fire is his element through and through and he shrugs off any magic of that kind. The one fear he needs to have is the elven ice magic, for it alone can vanquish his ever burning flame.


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