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When the dark races swarmed over Fiara landing their endless legions from their black galleys, fear grasped the hearts of the people of Light and they turned towards the dwarves for help, asking them for weapons and armour to stand against the tides of darkness. The dwarves realized that only united could the people of Fiara hope to weather the invasion and thus Niethalf’s sons rushed to the forges and began their legendary task. Day and night the anvils sang with the ringing of the hammers as the strong arms of the dwarves began to forge the weapons for the armies of light.

But even the famed strength and endurance of the dwarves had to run dry before the task was completed. Weary with fatigue the dwarves called on their god to aid them. And Niethalf created the rocksmith, large creature shaped out of stone. But rather than lending them his divine power, he implanted in them the strong will and dedication of the dwarven folk to finish their great task and oppose the hordes of darkness.

Thus the rocksmith stood side by side with the dwarves at their forges and when the legions of Darkness broke against their walls, they sallied forth and armed with their hammers of stone spread havoc among the enemy, driven by the strength of will of Niethalf’s sons to vanquish the dark armies from the face of the land once and for all.

Combat Abilities
Although slow, the stone from which the rocksmith sprang is very hard to break and it takes a strong force to even dent the armour of these giants. Their stone hammers easily squat foe after foe with one stroke.

The iron will, that gives life to the stone, does also affect allies and lends them new strength, banishing all weariness and wounds. Magic has little effect on the living rock and he need not fear it, but for the ice magic, since the cold grip of frost can break even the strongest of rocks.


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