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Long before the age of swords had dawned, before the dwarves had taught the humanity how to forge iron, Fiara had been the land of the dragons. But with the rise of the humans the dragonslayers also had risen and humans descended from the Windwall Mountains to purge the land of dragons. They became the new masters of Fiara. But their fight would have been short-lived, had they merely sallied forth on land against the giant wyrms.
During their long years among the cold peaks of the Windwall Mountains they had forged bonds of friendship with others sharing their exile: The Griffons. These noble creatures had almost been driven to extinction during those times, hunted down by dragons or starving in the eternal snow. The humans shared their food with the griffons and thus won their eternal friendship.

When the age of swords finally came, the humans fielded not only iron clad regiments, descending the slopes of the Windwall Mountains, but they also flew out,<mounted on the backs of griffons, armed with the cold steel lances of the Dragonslayers, which brought fear to the hearts of dragons. Thus it was that men and griffon alongside each other battled for their place on the plains and in the legends of Fiara.

Combat Abilities
The Griffon Rider fights with the fierceness and daring of the Dragonslayers. His mind is wild and free, thus mind magic is of little use against him. His strength in attacking and his mobility are his main assets on the field of battle.

Those fighting side by side with him are often inspired by his bravery and share the fighting spirit of the riders and, like him, rage like a hurricane amongst the enemy lines. He is the very symbol of the free spirit and combat prowess of the race of humans. But this child of the wild has little defence against the treachery and dark force of black magic, having almost no power to struggle against it.


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