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The Spiderbrood (Dark Elf Titan)back to top

Ever since Nor, the god of night, had received the race of the dark elves as a present from his ally Zarach, he had thirsted to create his own creature. He knew he would never succeed in creating his own race and thus he decided to give his dark children an ally to fight at their side, who would sow fear and doubt into the hearts of everyone opposing them.

Thus, year after year, he demanded the most beautiful of maidens from his loyal subjects as a sacrifice and then carried those away to his silver-spun home, there to weave their body and soul together with his essence. Thus he created the pale Spiderbrood, half woman and half spider, but wholly filled with Nor’s evil and cold hatred.

Still do the dark elves sacrifice their daughters to this gruesome ritual and receive the bond with Nor’s poisonous brood in return, who drives into the rows of the armies of the Light with a hiss, to drink from their blood. Even though the dark deity has been driven from EO, his misbegotten children still dwell there, waiting in the pale silver light of the moon for their father, whom they pray to with husky voices reaching into the barren night.


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