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In the eternal forests of the Finon Mir they wander through the wood’s shadows and in the quiet and forgotten groves the silently hold watch over ponds and clearings. In Elen’s name they have been entrusted with guarding the forests long before the elves had first seen the light of day and they are more knowledgeable in the secret lore of the Lady of Rain than any other creature in this world.

Like their goddess, the Treants live a withdrawn and gentle life, unaffected by the petty quarrels of the people and the realms of the wider world. But when the elvenfolk was drawn into the struggle and intrigues of war and almost trampled down under the boots of the dark armies, they rallied to the side of Elen’s children. They left the tranquillity of their forests to face the hordes of the enemy and stand side by side with the elves on the Godwall against the tides of darkness.

From that time onwards the elves could call on them in time of need. Wherever the people of the elves are threatened, the wise and mighty Treants are at their side. Nothing can break this bond, for its roots reach as deep as those of the ancient forests themselves.

Combat Abilities
The power of the Treant is its stability. It does not sway in battle like a speedy sapling but it will hold its ground in battle like an ancient tree of the eternal forest rooted in the lines of the enemy. This reliable strength and stamina encourages his allies and increases their strength and moral.

As a warrior allied with the elves the Treant is part of the bond of Aryn and need not fear the power of ice magic. Rather he has to greatly fear the Orc’s fire magic, which quickly can set his old bark aflame.


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