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That the jungles of are home to a great many unusual creatures is widely known. But the story of the creatures called the Cyclops has remained a mystery for many centuries, because they dwelled remote from all the things that took place in the wider world around them.

Their roots are a puzzle to the sages. There is something of the troll race in them, but if they really descend from these hulking brutes, perhaps being their grotesquely grown brothers, it is not recorded. Another theory casts them as being creatures of Zarach.

One day they broke forth from the jungle, laying waste to the labyrinthine deeps of Urgath, destroying all life with their gigantic mauls - until, finally, they faced the Trolls.

Soon they bound themselves to the trolls, not as willing servants, but as wanton giants, following with curious, unblinking stares, what these Trolls did, how they made their weapons and worked stone. The lumbering giants imitated the trolls and thus the bond that bound these two races was soon apparent. The race of the cyclops began to enter the battle side by side against the troll's enemies and it has been thus ever since.

Combat effectivenesses

Like his troll allies, the Cyclops is able to withstand large amounts of damage. Very few armors exist that can withstand the mighty bash of his club and with his leathery skin he is almost immune to fire. However, the mindless brute falls prey to mentalist magic quickly.

For all his strength the Titan's lumbering gait makes him an easy target for fast attackers and he at times has trouble hitting fast moving targets. His bellowing roar strikes fear into the heart of the enemies around him, weakening them severely.


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