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After having created the wild orcs, Zarach was dissatisfied with his creation and angered by his failure. He had hoped to create kings of the battlefield, but had only succeeded in fabricating simple warriors. And so he began anew, distorting the bodies of captured creatures to monstrous size and burning out any part of them that was not useful for battle and killing.

And thus he created the trolls. He made them stronger than any other race, more enduring and almost immune to pain, but in his eagerness to create a race of ultimate warriors, he took too much of their spirit, rendering them simpleminded and emotionless.
While the trolls are the undisputed rulers on the battlefield, they live as paupers in simple housings of stone and wood. Their limited skills and intellect only allow them to roughly trim rock and fashion simple clubs from treetrunks. They are as poor in mind as they are art, without legends, songs, living only for the now, for food and to kill.

This is the price they pay for the incomparable strength and wildness that makes them raging beasts on the battlefield, whom neither spears nor arrows can stop. They know neither pain nor fatigue, and their insatiable lust for blood drives them like a storm through the ranks of their enemies, their tree-like clubs killing and maiming wherever they land. What trolls lack in dexterity and cunning, they compensate with strength and power of resistance, and their ability to fight even after having sustained mortal wounds. Pain does not weaken them, it only makes them angry. And despite their primitive weapons and armour, and their lack of tactical thinking, an army of trolls is like a wave of destruction that can, with the right guidance, win battles by brute force alone.

Workerback to top

Grumbling, the troll sets out for work, as he would rather be on the battlefield, sowing destruction. But even the trolls know, that the settlements need reinforcements and the armies need food.

So the weak and the inapt are forced to stay behind, build houses, gather food or work stone, so the troll armies may march to another victory.

Rowdyback to top

No sooner than a troll learns to walk, he starts to fight. He fights for food, for territory, for acceptance. Or just to have fun. Rowdies are simple trolls that have taken a piece of wood, called it a weapon, and set out to have fun. Any opportunity is good enough to crush a few skulls or pillage and destroy.

Their requirements are not high, and they are undisciplined and quarrelsome. Once their appetite for destruction has been awakened, however, Rowdies cause unimaginable destruction until no enemy is left breathing.

Smasherback to top

Smashers are particularly strong, stronger than an Rowdy. Rowdies are by no means weak, but can hardly move the massive clubs Smashers use to plow through enemy lines.
Yet while they may be stronger, their mind is as simple as that of their comrades. A Smasher is content as long as he has something to pound until the lifeforce is gone. Their enemies fear them, and rightly so, for a single soldier stands hardly a chance against such a brute.

Throwerback to top

The mobile and deadly elven archers taught the trolls a lesson in the War of Six Races. They would retreat quickly from an advancing horde and clear their rows with a hail of arrows. And while the art of using bows, strings and catapults still remains a mystery to the trolls, their raw strength gives them an alternative.
With their long arms, Throwers hurl massive, specially carved stones at their enemies, whereby the stones by their weight alone cause massive damage. Initially, the people of the light made fun of this primitive art of war, but when the first stones began to rain down upon them, the mockery soon stopped.

Devastatorback to top

With their two-handed clubs, Devastators can almost annihilate entire buildings in a single blow. Once they have started taking an enemy settlement apart, almost nothing can stop them. Devastators are slightly more cunning than their relatives, but still far from being considered intelligent. Undeviatingly, they swing their clubs with arms like trees, destroying anything they hit.

Bouncerback to top

Bouncers are able withstand considerable damage – perhaps even more than they can dish out. In battle, their iron-clad armour gives them an advantage over other trolls, who are usually equipped with only simple leather protection.
They also have only simple clubs at their disposal, but Bouncers understand only too well how to utilise them to cause the maximum destruction in enemy ranks. Patience and many strong units are required to stop a Bouncer.

Hurlerback to top

Like the Throwers, Hurlers are equipped only with stones – but while Throwers rain these stones down upon an enemy army, Hurlers produce a veritable hailstorm, for they can throw stronger and farther than their comrades. Only a well protected and suitably prepared army can withstand the such an onslaught.
Because Hurlers wear stronger armour than their brothers, they are not easy to defeat in close combat. Hurlers have quick reactions and are particularly effective –anyone wanting to defeat them will need all their strength.

Destroyerback to top

The sight of a Destroyer, with his two iron-clad clubs, has caused many a brave soldier to flee in terror. Destroyers are an imposing sight, even when just standing, in battle, they can swing the clubs faster than the eye can blink.
Destroyers know neither fear nor mercy. They will unblinkingly attack any foe or army, for they are well aware of their strength and the effective protection their armour provides. They are more than dumb brutes with clubs – Destroyers wield their weapons as if they had done little else in their lives. Which is not far from the truth…

Championback to top

As mercilessly as trolls deal with their enemies, so their behaviour amongst each other is also not particularly ginger. Those wanting to climb to a position of power in the horde will do so over many a dead body. Only the strongest and most unscrupulous trolls stand a chance of becoming a Champion. With a war hammer forged of iron they go into battle, crushing enemies and buildings alike.
Their war-cry alone has a paralytic effect on an enemy army. When a soldier hears the roar of a Champion, he knows that his end is near. And if he summons all his courage to stand his ground and face this deadly challenge, he knows that he has hardly a chance against a Champion.

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