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Magic generalback to top

The magic arts play a central role in Eo, the world of SpellForce. Magic is like an omnipresent energy that exists in the forces of nature, in life and in death, but also in the power of the gods. Magic is inseperably entwined with all Eo’s creatures and destinies. It is the source of many wonders, but also untold dangers.


To perform the magic arts and influence the worldly or godly streams of magic, a mage must draw upon his own magical energy. This energy is known as mana. Effecting magic uses this power, consuming mana, but like the body’s strength, a mage’s powers regenerate with time.
In SpellForce, the amount of mana a character possesses is shown by the wisdom value in his stats. The intelligence value shows how quickly a character can recover from mana use, i.e. how fast his mana reserves replenish.

The Schools of Magic and their Specializations

There are four great schools of magic, and each school offers three paths of specialization a mage can learn:

White Magic, which divides down to the specializations of Life, Nature and Boons.

Black Magic, which has the specializations of Death, Necromancy and Curses.

Elemental Magic, that has the specializations of Fire, ice and Earth.

Mind magic, which divides into Enchantments, Offensive and Defensive Mind Magic.

An avatar can learn various forms and specializations of magic, for which he must not only learn the basics of a school, but also the details of each specialization.


There are many ways of performing magic; it can be contained in items, appear as a natural skill of certain creatures, or be learned through a spell. Spells are a way of containing magic, making it learnable and more easily controlled. A spell is a predetermined, magic formula that has been researched and written down by the old masters of the magic arts.

Spells are how a character can effect magic and learn new applications of the magic arts. In SpellForce, there exist many spells, which can often be found on scrolls. If your character has the requisite magic knowledge to comprehend the spell, he can transfer it to his Spellbook and use it at any time. To understand and master spells, the character collects knowledge in the different schools of magic.

Uses and Types of Spells

Spells are applications of the different types of magic. There are various effects these spells can have.
The scope of spells are classified as follows:

Directed Spells
These spells act on a specific target that the caster can choose. The spell only hits this target. Many offensive spells are directed, but also healing spells.

Undirected Spells
This type of spell either requires no target (such as the summoning of a creature) or effect wild magic that finds its own target. Offensive spells of wild magic are some of the most destructive and effective.

Area Spells
These spells affect a certain area. This can be used to attack and weaken multiple enemies, or heal and strengthen a group of allies.

Auras are a special type of area spell. Their effect is produced within a radius around the mage, and continues until the mage either ends the spell or runs out of mana. No further action is necessary once the spell has been cast, the spell works around the mage as long as possible or as long as wanted.

The duration of spells can be classified as follows:

Immediate spells
These spells unfold their their full power immediately, be it helpful or damaging. The effect of these spells is usually strong, but does not last.

Spells with duration
Such spells work for a certain amount of time. Strengthening and weakening spells count among them, but some offensive spells only reach their full potential with time. The spells may seem less powerful initially, but their duration more than makes up for this disadvantage.

Sustainable spells
This type of magic can work for any amount of time, depending only on the magic energy of the caster. These spells draw upon the mage’s mana reserves and continuously consume part of his strength. For example, control of a summoned creature requires constant magic energy.

White Magicback to top

Is used to summon and form godly powers. Its effect is healing, soothing and strengthening. Spells cast using white magic often radiate white light.

The specializations of white magic are:

Magic of Life – Used to heal and restore. Powerful healing spells and auras of healing belong to this branch of magic.

Magic of Nature – This type of magic influences the natural order and its creatures, enabling the use of the forces of nature for protection and support.

Magic of BoonsThis group includes blessings and strengthenings that can be used to fortify a mage’s army as they march into battle.

Black magicback to top

This is the magic of death and destruction. It is not used to control the powers of the dark gods, drawing instead upon the power of dark elements that are rooted in the world. Its use often causes an unholy red glow and black smoke.

Specializations of black magic are:

Death – Destruction of life is its goal, aiming to destroy body and soul in the most painful manner possible. Specialists in this branch of magic are second to none at annihilating life.

Necromancy – This type of magic is used to bring back the dead as slaves into the world of the living. Necromancers summon and command many different undead and use them to reinforce their armies.

Curses – This is the magic of curses and bans that can weaken an enemy’s body and spirit. Their effect is indirect and slow, but they have great influence.

Elemental Magicback to top

This is the purest type of magic, weaving the streams of elemental power and gaining control of their form and motion for either protection or destruction. Depending on which element is manipulated, spells can radiate all shades of light.

The specializations of elemental magic are:

Firemagic – Summoning and controlling the element fire in all its shapes and forms. This magic has massive destructive potential.

Icemagic – Controls the power of ice and frost. With its help, enemies can be frozen or destroyed in a stream of ice.

Earthmagic – Calls on the power of nearby rocks to protect the mage and crush his enemies, or turn them to stone.

Mind Magicback to top

This is a complex and special magic that can manipulate the spirit. Its power lies in the ability to influence or crush the consciousness, causing a blue or green glow when used.

The specializations of mind magic are:

EnchantmentThe powerful ability to control the spirit. It allows the mage to confuse foes, comfort allies, or even command his enemies to fight on his side.

Offensive Mind Magic
Used to blind or destroy the spirit. This skill can either kill a mage’s enemies or render large numbers unable to fight.

Defensive Mind Magic Weakens a foe’s spirit, drawing upon his magic power, or strengthening an allies mana.

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