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  The Cyclops (Troll Titan) The Treeant (Elf Titan) The Spiderbrood (Dark Elf Titan)
  The Griffon Rider (Human Titan) The Rocksmith (Dwarf Titan) The Ragefire (Orc Titan)

The Cyclops (Troll Titan)back to top

That the jungles of are home to a great many unusual creatures is widely known. But the story of the creatures called the Cyclops has remained a mystery for many centuries, because they dwelled remote from all the things that took place in the wider world around them.

Their roots are a puzzle to the sages. There is something of the troll race in them, but if they really descend from these hulking brutes, perhaps being their grotesquely grown brothers, it is not recorded. Another theory casts them as being creatures of Zarach.

One day they broke forth from the jungle, laying waste to the labyrinthine deeps of Urgath, destroying all life with their gigantic mauls - until, finally, they faced the Trolls.

Soon they bound themselves to the trolls, not as willing servants, but as wanton giants, following with curious, unblinking stares, what these Trolls did, how they made their weapons and worked stone. The lumbering giants imitated the trolls and thus the bond that bound these two races was soon apparent. The race of the cyclops began to enter the battle side by side against the troll's enemies and it has been thus ever since.

Combat effectivenesses

Like his troll allies, the Cyclops is able to withstand large amounts of damage. Very few armors exist that can withstand the mighty bash of his club and with his leathery skin he is almost immune to fire. However, the mindless brute falls prey to mentalist magic quickly.

For all his strength the Titan's lumbering gait makes him an easy target for fast attackers and he at times has trouble hitting fast moving targets. His bellowing roar strikes fear into the heart of the enemies around him, weakening them severely.

The Treeant (Elf Titan)back to top

In the eternal forests of the Finon Mir they wander through the wood’s shadows and in the quiet and forgotten groves the silently hold watch over ponds and clearings. In Elen’s name they have been entrusted with guarding the forests long before the elves had first seen the light of day and they are more knowledgeable in the secret lore of the Lady of Rain than any other creature in this world.

Like their goddess, the Treants live a withdrawn and gentle life, unaffected by the petty quarrels of the people and the realms of the wider world. But when the elvenfolk was drawn into the struggle and intrigues of war and almost trampled down under the boots of the dark armies, they rallied to the side of Elen’s children. They left the tranquillity of their forests to face the hordes of the enemy and stand side by side with the elves on the Godwall against the tides of darkness.

From that time onwards the elves could call on them in time of need. Wherever the people of the elves are threatened, the wise and mighty Treants are at their side. Nothing can break this bond, for its roots reach as deep as those of the ancient forests themselves.

Combat Abilities
The power of the Treant is its stability. It does not sway in battle like a speedy sapling but it will hold its ground in battle like an ancient tree of the eternal forest rooted in the lines of the enemy. This reliable strength and stamina encourages his allies and increases their strength and moral.

As a warrior allied with the elves the Treant is part of the bond of Aryn and need not fear the power of ice magic. Rather he has to greatly fear the Orc’s fire magic, which quickly can set his old bark aflame.

The Spiderbrood (Dark Elf Titan)back to top

Ever since Nor, the god of night, had received the race of the dark elves as a present from his ally Zarach, he had thirsted to create his own creature. He knew he would never succeed in creating his own race and thus he decided to give his dark children an ally to fight at their side, who would sow fear and doubt into the hearts of everyone opposing them.

Thus, year after year, he demanded the most beautiful of maidens from his loyal subjects as a sacrifice and then carried those away to his silver-spun home, there to weave their body and soul together with his essence. Thus he created the pale Spiderbrood, half woman and half spider, but wholly filled with Nor’s evil and cold hatred.

Still do the dark elves sacrifice their daughters to this gruesome ritual and receive the bond with Nor’s poisonous brood in return, who drives into the rows of the armies of the Light with a hiss, to drink from their blood. Even though the dark deity has been driven from EO, his misbegotten children still dwell there, waiting in the pale silver light of the moon for their father, whom they pray to with husky voices reaching into the barren night.

The Griffon Rider (Human Titan)back to top

Long before the age of swords had dawned, before the dwarves had taught the humanity how to forge iron, Fiara had been the land of the dragons. But with the rise of the humans the dragonslayers also had risen and humans descended from the Windwall Mountains to purge the land of dragons. They became the new masters of Fiara. But their fight would have been short-lived, had they merely sallied forth on land against the giant wyrms.
During their long years among the cold peaks of the Windwall Mountains they had forged bonds of friendship with others sharing their exile: The Griffons. These noble creatures had almost been driven to extinction during those times, hunted down by dragons or starving in the eternal snow. The humans shared their food with the griffons and thus won their eternal friendship.

When the age of swords finally came, the humans fielded not only iron clad regiments, descending the slopes of the Windwall Mountains, but they also flew out,<mounted on the backs of griffons, armed with the cold steel lances of the Dragonslayers, which brought fear to the hearts of dragons. Thus it was that men and griffon alongside each other battled for their place on the plains and in the legends of Fiara.

Combat Abilities
The Griffon Rider fights with the fierceness and daring of the Dragonslayers. His mind is wild and free, thus mind magic is of little use against him. His strength in attacking and his mobility are his main assets on the field of battle.

Those fighting side by side with him are often inspired by his bravery and share the fighting spirit of the riders and, like him, rage like a hurricane amongst the enemy lines. He is the very symbol of the free spirit and combat prowess of the race of humans. But this child of the wild has little defence against the treachery and dark force of black magic, having almost no power to struggle against it.

The Rocksmith (Dwarf Titan)back to top

When the dark races swarmed over Fiara landing their endless legions from their black galleys, fear grasped the hearts of the people of Light and they turned towards the dwarves for help, asking them for weapons and armour to stand against the tides of darkness. The dwarves realized that only united could the people of Fiara hope to weather the invasion and thus Niethalf’s sons rushed to the forges and began their legendary task. Day and night the anvils sang with the ringing of the hammers as the strong arms of the dwarves began to forge the weapons for the armies of light.

But even the famed strength and endurance of the dwarves had to run dry before the task was completed. Weary with fatigue the dwarves called on their god to aid them. And Niethalf created the rocksmith, large creature shaped out of stone. But rather than lending them his divine power, he implanted in them the strong will and dedication of the dwarven folk to finish their great task and oppose the hordes of darkness.

Thus the rocksmith stood side by side with the dwarves at their forges and when the legions of Darkness broke against their walls, they sallied forth and armed with their hammers of stone spread havoc among the enemy, driven by the strength of will of Niethalf’s sons to vanquish the dark armies from the face of the land once and for all.

Combat Abilities
Although slow, the stone from which the rocksmith sprang is very hard to break and it takes a strong force to even dent the armour of these giants. Their stone hammers easily squat foe after foe with one stroke.

The iron will, that gives life to the stone, does also affect allies and lends them new strength, banishing all weariness and wounds. Magic has little effect on the living rock and he need not fear it, but for the ice magic, since the cold grip of frost can break even the strongest of rocks.

The Ragefire (Orc Titan)back to top

For long centuries the bond has been forgotten, that once bound the red horde of the demons with the people of the orcs. But the remains of this alliance can still be seen to this day. They appear in the connection between the orcs and fire, the control of the powers of elemental fire magic and the ability to summon the Ragefire.

The story of the Ragefire has its roots on the burning fields before Skye, as the armies of the orcs, defeated and surrounded by humans, came close to utter extinction. No horns blared to tell of their rescue and it seemed their doom was final. It was then that the shouted all their anger and hatred at the lines of the enemy and with it calling the devourer to their side, to devastate the mighty armies of the humans with their burning hatred and drink their enemy’s blood. And thus it happened, as the anger and ferocity of the orcs in the face of death formed a terrible creature of darkness and fire, which struck fear into the hearts of the humans.

Enlivened by the anger of the horde and begotten from the fires of demons, this flame covered devil rose mightily among the lines of the enemy’s armies and let his burning axes sing until there was no soul left alive on the battlefield. As long as the anger of the horde is alive and the flames of their hatred burn high, these Ragefires will once lay waste to any army opposing them.

Combat abilities
Heat and wickedness radiate from this creature and grip the heart and hand of anyone daring to oppose them with paralyzing fear. The two monstrous axes the Ragefire carries take their horrible tribute among the enemy and even though he cuts into the enemy’s army with terrible fierceness, he is striding slowly, for death has no need for haste.

Fire is his element through and through and he shrugs off any magic of that kind. The one fear he needs to have is the elven ice magic, for it alone can vanquish his ever burning flame.

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